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SEBA’s Failure: Education Model of Assam at a LOW. Should Minister step down?

Assam’s Education System is a JOKE, indeed. The Education Minister of Assam, Dr Ranoj Pegu at 11:48 PM took to Twitter to announce that HSLC ‘General Science’ Exam has been CANCELLED.

This exam was scheduled to happen later today on March 13.

The reason behind the cancellation of the HSLC Examination is an alleged ‘Paper Leak’ of the General Science paper.

This isn’t the first time. Paper Leaks have been a tradition for the Assamese Education System under SEBA and AHSEC. The only difference this time is the fact that students with evidence, jolted social media with the story.

This began with AHSEC’s Chemistry Paper – which was allegedly leaked a few days before their exams in late February.

Despite the presence of evidence, Education Minister Ranoj Pegu denied claims of its leak and called it ‘fake news’.

However, with the close almost striking midnight, Ranoj Pegu chose to announce the cancellation of tomorrow’s HSLC examination due to another alleged paper leak.

Interestingly, the Government or the Ministry hasn’t ordered any inquiry yet. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma himself summoned the SEBA Secretary to report irregularities in the examination, and certain exam centres.

But, since then, there have been no updates regarding the same.

The Education System of Assam needs a reformation and that begins within itself. When will the Government inspect AHSEC & SEBA? When will the Education Minister take a step against leaks, cheats & other irregularities?

Assam has its tradition regarding its worsening Education Board and Council. Organising an Examination smoothly seems to be a tough job for the same. Not for the first time, but it has been there always. Once, answer sheets were eaten by cows, leading to a disruption in examinations. Later it was the Council or Board’s or the Minister’s adamance to deny allegations despite the presence of evidence.

This also brings to a point where Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma & Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal engaged in a heated ‘Twitter Battle’ over both the State’s/UT’s Education Model. While Himanta then, tried to justify by every means that Assam’s model is better than Delhi’s, these incidents of irregularities bring forward a serious question to its reliability.

As such, the Board & Council or the Minister’s adamant behaviour has only disturbed & tensed the students. Today, the Organisations & Unions that very well describe themselves as the voice of the students, remain voiceless.

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