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ChatGPT Is The Future? Crossed One Million Users; Can It Replace Human Creativity?

We all have often witnessed in films, the visualisation of a world dominated by Artificial intelligence (AI). That time, when reality resembles sci-fi movie scenes, is not far away.The latest buzz in the arena of technology, the ChatGPT, is all about taking a step forward in this direction.

ChatGPT is an AI technology with which humans can interact and ask for solutions to any kind of query. This was first introduced in November 2022 by OpenAI, the company popularly known for Dall-E, an AI-based text-to-image generator.

The unique selling point of the newly launched AI technology is that it can write essays on any social, political, economic, or environmental issue; it can suggest ideas on how to set up a party; or it can even set up a frictional meeting with your favourite well-known personalities.

Meanwhile, the virality of ChatGPT is due to the level of intelligence with which it functions and completes its tasks with accuracy. The way it responds is seen as a replacement for the daily “writing activities,” from emails to school homework. Such technologies have brought up concerns over the creativity of humans being replaced by robots.

Notably, some of the investors in OpenAI are among the most globally recognised companies, including Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, and Reid Hoffman’s charitable foundation. According to the company, the model is highly trained to predict what will come next, which is why it can have a “conversation” with human beings.

In order to interact with ChatGPT, one can go to the OpenAI website and sign up. Currently, the chatbot has crossed one million users, and due to this, it can get monetized in the future. The internet has been filled with screenshots of conversations with ChatGPT.

In one of the viral tweets, a screenshot of the conversation showed ChatGPT writing a poem about the dying crypto market.

The poem by the chatbot read: “As the market tumbles down, Crypto currencies hit the ground, Once worth a pretty penny, Now worth less than many, Investors hold their wealth, As their assets lose their worth, The future looks bleak, For those who put their faith in cryptocurrency, Only time will tell, If the the market will recover from this hell, But for now it seems, The glory days of crypto are just a dream.” 

Additionally, there are certain limitations in ChatGPT too. Even OpenAI admitted that the replies can be “biased” or “incorrect ” at times. Moreover, at present, it is not as perfect as humans, but it does showcase an interesting amalgamation of technological advancement, which may get its accuracy aligned in the future.


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